Winitex linen sets ” the scene for the hotel industry “

Winitex is the linen supplier of choice to many of the finest hotels and restaurants in over 60 countries. Established in 1973 – as a Japanese / German / Malaysian joint venture Winitex quickly developed as a manufacturer of very high quality fabrics in intricate designs and colours for design house worldwide.

For the Hospitality industry Winitex has created a complete manufacturing process, which includes yarn dyeing, weaving, finishing, embroidery and hemming. All of these processes take place in our modern manufacturing facility in Johor, Malaysia and goods are exported worldwide. 

The hospitality industry is a very demanding environment and it can be said that linen ” set the scene ” by creating ambience and adding an unmistakable touch of luxury. With complete control over the manufacturing process Winitex is able to supply very high quality linen which meets and exceeds the needs of our valued customers. This is why Winitex is the supplier of choice for linen hotels and restaurants in over 60 countries.